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Complex Surgical Approach To Skull Base

Complex Surgical Approach To Skull Base

15 – 17 December 2022

New York City – USA

Complex Surgical Approach To Skull Base conducted between 15 – 17 December 2022 in New York City as part of neurosurgery courses 2022.

This intimate 3-day dissection-centered course focuses on complex skull base approaches including the fronto-orbitozygomatic, pericavernous, middle fossa anterior petrosectomy, translabyrinthine, far lateral. All material is presented in an immersive 3D format in Weill Cornell’s state-of-the-art Neurosurgical Innovations and Training Center.

Participating surgeons work at 3-D interactive cadaver workstations, where they watch cadaveric dissections and review surgical anatomy—all in 3D—before and during their own dissection. The combination of the 3-D virtual reality environment and the cadaveric hands-on dissection affords surgeons excellent preoperative training and rehearsal of current, complex approaches in cranial base surgery.

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2022 SkullBase neurosurgery courses

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  1. Modern microsurgical techniques, diagnostic imaging, intraoperative neuronavigation, and endoscopic technology have remarkably changed the concept of skull base surgery. These refinements have extended the boundaries of tumor resection with minimal morbidity.

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