craniosynostosis neurosurgery course 2023

Endoscopic & Open Surgical Approaches for Craniosynostosis

Endoscopic & Open Surgical Approaches for Craniosynostosis: Hands-On Course

14 October 2023

New Jersey – USA

Surgery to repair craniosynostosis — including cranial vault remodeling, fronto-orbital advancement (FOA), and endoscopic suturectomy — requires practical experience with complex anatomy and tools.

The rarity of the condition and infrequent exposure during residency, compounded by a lack of cadaveric teaching tools, limits extraoperative training.

This symposium combines didactic lectures with a hands-on experience using state-of-the-art 3D-printed models created from scans of actual patients, creating a unique and innovative opportunity for neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons to gain valuable experience practicing open and endoscopic procedures. 

Attendees will also be instructed in virtual surgical planning (VSP), which allows visualization of patient anatomy and pathology as well as the establishment of reference points prior to surgery.

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craniosynostosis neurosurgery course 2023