Arkansas Neuroscience Institute 

Micro Neurosurgery, Past, Present & Future

Arkansas Neuroscience Institute

Micro Neurosurgery, Past, Present & Future

27 June 2020
6 PM Istanbul Time
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Pioneers of Neurosurgery
Prof. M. Gazi Yaşargil
Prof. Ossama Al Mefty
Prof. Ali Krisht
Prof. Paulo Kadri
Prof. Uğur Türe

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Arkansas Neuroscience Institute

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  1. Good Morning. My name is Stefania Almagro, I am a neurosurgery resident in Córdoba Argentina and I would like to know if it is possible to see through the Youtube link the class of micro neurosirgery, past, present, and future since when entering the link I think that the video is private making it impossible for me to see it. Thank you.

  2. Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

    we all would like to watch the webinar. Is it not possible to make it available on the internet?

    Best Regards,


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