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Laval Open & Endoscopic Skull Base Hands-On Course

Laval University Open and Endoscopic Skull Base Hands-On Course

4 – 6 October 2023

Quebec – Canada

Welcome to Laval Skull Base Hands-on Course, an annual event open to Neurosurgeons, ENT and senior residents in both specialties.

During this 3-days course, participants will learn via formal lectures and cadaveric hands-on dissections from both local and renowned international invited faculty.

The program encompasses the main anterolateral skull base approaches ( FTOZ, anterior petrosal, etc), a full day on expended endoscopic endonasal approaches and half a day on endoscopic transorbital approaches.

A unique endonasal CSF leak reconstruction model will also be available for participants to try during the endoscopic endonasal day.


Course Details & Registration

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