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TMC Skull Base Surgery Course 2023

TMC Skull Base Course
Open and Endoscopic Approaches to Anterior Skull Base Malignancies

27th – 29th January 2023

Mumbai – India

Organized by Head and Neck and Neurosurgery Disease Management Groups
Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India

The goal of this course is to improve the understanding regarding the indications, the various approaches and goals in the management of anterior and anterolateral skull base malignancies with a focus on histology-based management of skull base malignancies. 

There will be detailed attention to the anatomy of the skull base with discussions regarding relative indication for open and endoscopic skull base approaches.

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TMC Skull Base surgery neurosurgery course India 2023

Istanbul Spine Cadaver Course

Istanbul Spine Cadaver Course

Cervical Spine Surgery

8-9 January  2022

Istanbul – Turkey

The course will be organized in collaboration with the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) Spine Committee, Middle East Spine Society (MESS), and Turkish Neurosurgical Society Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Group.

Precise clinical  anatomy knowledge is of paramount importance in spine surgery, and better surgical technique will contribute to more successful surgical procedures. In the course of the organization, hands-on training on cadavers will be given by a faculty who are experts in their fields of neurosurgery and neuroanatomy. 

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