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Advance Skull Base Neurosurgery Course 2022

Advance Skull Base Neurosurgery Course 2022

31 October – 5 November 

New York City – USA

Advance Skull Base Neurosurgery Course 2022 as part of neurosurgery hand-on courses in 2022 between 31 October – 5 November.

The only course-based certificate granting program in skull base surgery in North America, this program provides in depth immersive training in advanced approaches and techniques in skull base neurosurgery. This intimate dissection-based course takes you on a journey through the skull base and provides skills-based stepwise instruction on anterior/anterolateral, lateral, and posterolateral skull base approaches, respectively.

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6th International Society of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Neurosurgery (ISMINS)

6th International Society of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Neurosurgery (ISMINS)

6th ISMINS Congress 2022

26 – 28 October 2022


The 6th International Society of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Neurosurgery (ISMINS) Congress at Delhi- NCR, on 26 – 28 October for the first time in India, as apart of neurosurgery courses in 2022.

This ISMINS Society was founded in 2010 by the world leaders of Minimally invasive surgery.  The society was inspired and mentored by Prof. Axel Pernesky.  He was a legend who pioneered the minimally invasive neurosurgery globally.  The ISMINS founding members include some of the world legends in minimally invasive surgery.

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Spine Deformity Solutions Hand-on Course

Spine Deformity Solutions Hand-on Course

27 – 29 October 2022


The SRS hands-on courses provide an opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and improve their skills through training and discussions with leading spinal deformity surgeons from throughout the world. Registration will be limited to ensure access to faculty, small-group interaction for better learning, and opportunities for hands-on work. A minimum of eight hours of the course will be devoted to lab work, with a strong faculty-to-learner ratio. Topics and lab sessions will cover all areas of the spine and a variety of conditions and techniques. The intimate learning theme will begin on night one with small group “Fireside Chats” with faculty and will proceed to presentations, video demonstrations and lab rotations on day 2 and 3.

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International Federation of Neuroendoscopy Meeting (IFNE – 2022)

International Federation of Neuroendoscopy – Interim Meting 2022

(IFNE – Interim Meeting 2022)

29 – 30 October 2022

Hyderabad- India

Neuroendoscopy Society – India (NESI) and Brain and Spine Society (BASS) consider it a privilege and matter of great pride to host the International Federation of Neuroendoscopy – Interim Meting 2022 (IFNE – Interim Meeting 2022) to be held on 29th & 30th October 2022 at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, India.

This conference will aim to provide a forum for interaction on contemporary issues and developments in the field of Neuroendoscopy around the world. It would create an interface among Neurosurgeons and experts in the field of Neuroendoscopy in India and abroad to share their knowledge and expertise in Neuroendoscopy with the participants of this significant conference.

Neurosurgeons and Students of Neurosurgery are invited to participate in the conference by contributing research papers and enrich the deliberations while having an opportunity to interact with eminent experts in the field of Neuroendoscopy and distinguished speakers from the field of Neuroscience from India and around the world.

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Euro Spine 2022

EuroSpine 2022

19 – 21 October

Milan – Italy

The EUROSPINE 2022 congress will be held in Milan, between 19 – 21 October 2022. We look forward to meeting in person and enjoying the usual outstanding scientific program and the latest news in spinal research, treatment methods, and healthcare.
EUROSPINE 2022 is welcoming spinal practitioners of all subspecialties to meet and exchange ideas and partnerships, enjoy the dedicated forums, attend the latest presentation and take home a variety of cultural experiences as well.

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8the MENA Stroke Congress 2022

8the MENA Stroke

21 – 23 October 2022

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates 

(Hybride Congress)

8th MENA Stroke Congress is organized by MENA Stroke Organization, which will be held from 21-23 October 2022. The three-day hybrid congress will spotlight the state-of-the-art and emerging topics in stroke care, for stroke professionals, researchers, neuroradiologists, and other neurologists committed to advancing the goals in stroke care and treatments in the MENA region.

Congress Main Page

Scientific Program


MENA stroke 2022 congress

EANS Peripheral Nerve Surgery Course 2022

EANS Peripheral Nerve Surgery Course

( EANS 2022 Pre-congress Course )

Belgrade – Serbia

16 October 2022

Welcome you to the EANS Peripheral Nerve Surgery Pre-Congress Course which will be held on 16 October 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia.

This course aims at giving a 360° perspective and insight into one of the most challenging and rewarding fields in neurosurgery – peripheral nerve surgery.

The program was tailored to cover all important issues: nerve trauma – tumor – compression. This, of course, includes physical examination, imaging and electrophysiology, as well as detailed information on every pathology, treatment strategy, pitfalls, and new developments.

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EANS Congress 2022

EANS Congress 2022

Belgrade – Serbia 

16 – 20 October 2022

Welcome to EANS 2022 – European Congress of Neurosurgery 

The Congress theme – Trends, Insights, Innovations: Neurosurgery beyond Technology – addresses the complex relation between technological advances and human ingenuity in the field of neurosurgery. The age of rapid technological progress, artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality in the 21st century has brought many benefits to neurosurgery, but also many challenges.

After two turbulent pandemic years, the Congress in Belgrade will represent the regathering of European and world experts in neurosurgery. It will provide an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas through the top-level scientific program, aimed at providing a comprehensive insight into these benefits and challenges and striking the right balance between technology and human (neurosurgeons’) touch.

The opportunity to hold this event of utmost scientific and social importance in Belgrade is a special honor for the neurosurgical community in Serbia and a much-appreciated acknowledgment of the enhanced regional and international cooperation in the previous period.

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AO Spine : Complications in Spine Surgery

AO Spine Advanced Level Specimen Course

Complications in Spine Surgery

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

October 15-16, 2022

Course description

Day one comprises of case discussions, lectures and debates that focus on expanding the comfort zone of spine surgeons in practice, as complications in spine surgery are associated with poor surgical outcomes. Topics will cover the most common spine surgery complications related to approaches, implants, and techniques, as well as patient’s factors, and we shall plan for the best management protocols. 

Day two consists of intensive hands-on workshops utilizing human anatomic specimens.  Participants will engage in surgical techniques and strategies for a range of procedures, including cervical, thoracic, and lumbar surgical techniques

Course Details and Registration

Course Preliminary Program

AO Spine Advanced Level Specimen Course—Complications in Spine Surgery