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5th Spine Surgery Hands-on Course 2024

5th Spine Surgery Hands-on Course 2024
Surgical Approaches to Junction Surgery in Spine.

22 – 24 May 2024

Homburg-Saar – Germany

Welcome to the much-anticipated 5th Spine Surgery Course 2024: Surgical Approaches to Junction Surgery in Spine,’ set to unfold in Homburg-Saar, Germany, from May 22nd to May 24th, 2024. Join us for an immersive exploration of biomechanics, evaluation, and pathology management in the dynamic field of spine surgery.

Our expert faculty is poised to provide valuable insights and hands-on experiences in the cadaver laboratory, ensuring personalized and enriching learning. The hands-on sessions, designed for intensive training, feature one tutor per station and a small group of two to three participants.

Beyond the engaging academic sessions, connect with peers and faculty during the course dinner after day one. This informal gathering fosters networking, experience-sharing, and lasting connections within the global neurosurgery community.

Save the dates – May 22nd to May 24th, 2024 – for this exceptional educational journey at the ‘5th Spine Surgery Course.’ Elevate your expertise in spine surgery with a perfect blend of theory and practice. We eagerly await your active participation in this rewarding and enjoyable learning experience. Welcome to the forefront of spine surgery advancements

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You need to download the form and fill the details and mail it to congress.neurosurgery@uks.eu

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Spine surgery course Germany 2024

Spine surgery course Germany 2024

12th Homburg Neuroendoscopy Week 2023

12th Homburg Neuroendoscopy Week 2023

3 – 9 September 2023

Homburg – Germany

Welcome to 12th Homburger Neuroendoscopy Week at the Department of Neurosurgery Saarland University, Homburg-Saar / Germany.

The course conducted as part of neurosurgery courses 2023, and specially for neuroendoscopy courses 2023.

Due to the success of the last years, we offer 3 Modules in 2023 again.

Module 1 

is focused on the interdisciplinary approach to the skullbase in cooperation with our ENT-Department of Professor Schick.

Module 2

 will focus on intraventricular endoscopy and pediatric neurosurgery. Human cadavers and animal models are also included.

Module 3

 is focused of the currently most important available techniques in minimally invasive spine surgery. This module also contains a Human cadaver workshop lasting several hours.

Course Main Page & Details

Course Brochure 

neuroendoscopy week neurosurgery course 2023



14-15 January 2020

Berlin – Germany