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16th International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis and the Growing Spine

16th International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis and the Growing Spine (ICEOS)

16 – 18 November 2022

Rome – Italy

Welcome to the 16th Annual Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis and the Growing Spine (ICEOS), the world’s leading conference
addressing complex scoliosis in the growing child. Known for its
highly interactive and collegial atmosphere,

 The program will include outstanding free
papers, expert lectures, panel discussions, and workshops.

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6th Congress of European ORL-Head & Neck Surgery

6th Congress of European ORL-Head & Neck Surgery

29 October – 2 November 2022

Milan – Italy

Welcome to the 6th Congress of European ORL-Head & Neck Surgery, to be held in Milan, October 29 to November 2, 2022, in a face-to-face format. After a period of great difficulties marked by the pandemic.


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Euro Spine 2022

EuroSpine 2022

19 – 21 October

Milan – Italy

The EUROSPINE 2022 congress will be held in Milan, between 19 – 21 October 2022. We look forward to meeting in person and enjoying the usual outstanding scientific program and the latest news in spinal research, treatment methods, and healthcare.
EUROSPINE 2022 is welcoming spinal practitioners of all subspecialties to meet and exchange ideas and partnerships, enjoy the dedicated forums, attend the latest presentation and take home a variety of cultural experiences as well.

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Hand On Workshop on Neuroendoscopy

Hand On Workshop on Neuroendoscopy

Cerebral, Ventricular & Skull Base Neuroendoscopy

18 – 22 July 2022

Naples – Italy

Welcome to our hand on work shop on Neuroendoscopy. As usual, enthusiastic faculty participation will allow the excellent Tutor/Trainees ratio of 1×2 confirming the presence of a world expert at each hands-on workstation for two trainees.

This year, the Scientific Program will bring a rich assortment of lectures, video presentations, live demonstration on anatomical models and dissection videos. You will find educational sessions exploring ventricular endoscopy, cerebral endoscopy and skull base endoscopy delivered by world-renowned international faculty.

Our workshop welcomes senior, students and recent graduate neurosurgeons who practice or want to practice neuroendoscopic surgery. Between each session, participants will have the opportunity to network and connect with other scientists from all over the world.

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Scientific Program 


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EANS 11th Young Neurosurgeons’ Meeting & Research Course

EANS 11th Young Neurosurgeons’ Meeting & Research Course

7 – 9 April 2022

Florence – Italy

Young Neurosurgeons Meetings provide a unique chance to interact with the faculty as equals, to ask probing questions, and to participate in lively debate about neurosurgical controversies. They are also the ideal place to bring your own cases for second opinions, reviews, help, and honest discussion.

The Research Course is a one-day course for neurosurgeons interested to start a research project. ThenThe EANS Young Neurosurgeons’ Meeting, which will take place after the Research Course.

And of course the YN Meetings provide an ideal opportunity for EANS Training Course alumni to meet up once they have graduated from the Courses – both with their fellow trainees and many faculty they have got to know over their four years in the Training Courses.

This year’s topics are:

  • Most recent advances in spinal surgery, endoscopy, disruptive technologies;
  • All the latest trends in vascular neurosurgery, hybrid solutions, innovations in training;
  • Global Neurosurgery and its scopes – the road we must walk together to meet the needs.

Course Details


EANS young neurosurgeon meeting 2022



JUNE 6-10, 2022   BRESCIA – ITALY 

Aim of this course, which is now in its eighth edition, is to offer an overview of the applications of transnasal endoscopic surgery, starting from simple procedures performed under local anesthesia to more extensive operations adopted for inflammatory disease, benign and malignant sinonasal tumors, sellar and parasellar lesions, as well as other neoplastic and malformative skull base pathologies.

The first three days will be dedicated to the endoscopic endonasal dissection of injected, fresh frozen specimens. At the Gross Anatomy Laboratory of the University of Brescia .

The following two days will be dedicated to live surgery, with three running operating rooms, in which different operations will be shown and discussed step by step.

Five intense days are awaiting for you with the chance of interacting directly and informally with world experts in the field.

Only 18 places are available for the full course, including attendance to the hands-on section.


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