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Esser Masterclass Microsurgery Course 2023

Esser Masterclass Microsurgery Course 2023

Two-day Course:
March 20-21, 2023

April 13-14, 2023 

May 8-9, 2023 

June 8-9, 2023 

November 6-7, 2023 

December 14-15, 2023

Five-day Course:
November 20-24, 2023

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This is an intensive practical course to learn the key skills of microvascular surgery. It is aimed at surgical specialists and specialists in training, with or without previous microsurgical experience. The emphasis during the course is on practical training in an in-vivo model.
Multiple coaches are present to continuously monitor the progress of each participant.

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Esser Masterclass Microsurgery Neurosurgery course 2023

Esser Masterclass Nerve Surgery Course 2023

Esser Masterclass Nerve Surgery Course 2023

16 – 18 February 2023

Bristol, United Kingdom
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Upper extremity nerve problems are of every day for a upper extremity surgeon. The variety of compression neuropathies, idiopathic pathology or nerve reconstructions are a challenge. Therefore we designed a three-day course with theoretical and practical sessions offering almost all reconstructive, decompression and denervation interventions of nerve pathology in the forearm and hand. The practical sessions will be performed on fresh frozen cadavers with two participants per extremity. This year, the Esser Nerve Course is organized together with the Global Nerve Foundation.

Course Details & Registration

Course Brochure 

Esser Masterclass Nerve Surgery neurosurgery Course 2023

EANS Microneurosurgery course 2022

EANS Microneurosurgery course 2022

10 – 13 November 2022

Rotterdam – Netherlands

Announcing the third edition of this course from the EANS, taking place in Rotterdam from 10-13 November 2022. The course will be a complete microvascular experience, and include teaching on all types of anastomoses as well as experimental microsurgery 

3 Places Left

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