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Istanbul Cadaver Course-Cranial

Istanbul Cadaver Course-Cranial


4 – 5 June 2022

Istanbul – Turkey 

The course will be in collaboration between Turkish Neurosurgical Society and World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) Skull Base Committee.

Precise clinical  anatomical knowledge is of paramount importance in cranial surgery, and better surgical technique will contribute to more successful surgical procedures.

In the course, hands-on training on cadavers will be given by the faculties who are experts in their fields of Neurosurgery, Skull Base Surgery and Neuroanatomy. 

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Istanbul Cranial Cadaver Course 2022 hand on

Combined Ventricular and Skull Base Endoscopy Course

Combined Ventricular and Skull Base Endoscopy Course for Neurosurgeons

2 – 4 June 2022
St. Louis – Missouri – USA
This cadaver workshop is designed to provide neurosurgeons the opportunity to enhance their own skills in a variety of endoscopic approaches to the ventricles and skull base.
The learners will discuss surgical techniques and various surgical approaches , performing the discussed procedures on cadaver specimens under the guidance of the expert faculty.
Hands-on lab sessions include reviewing and preforming endoscopic surgical approaches to the lateral ventricles, Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy,  endoscopic placement of shunts, endoscopic septum fenestration, removal of intraventricular tumors, and endoscopic surgical approaches to the anterior, lateral and posterior skull base on cadaver specimens.
Combined Ventricular and Skull Base Endoscopy Course

Yasargil Advanced Course in Aneurysms

M.G. Yasargil Advanced Course in Aneurysms

Hands-On Cadaver Workshop
with Live Surgery & Life-Like Simulation

18 – 20 June 2022

Arkansas – USA

Course Director
Ali Krisht, MD
Arkansas Neuroscience Institute

Honored Guests

Juha Hernesniemi, MD
Henan Hospital, China

Giuseppe Lanzino, MD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Ketan Ramanlal Bulsara, MD
University of Connecticut Farmington, Connecticut

Kathleen Joos, MD
St. Dimpna Hospital, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg Genk

Lassaad Bsili, MD
Oliviers Clinic, Sousse, Tunisia

Pablo Rubino, MD
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ruben Dammers, MD
Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sanford P.C. Hsu, MD
National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan

Course Brochure

Yasargil Aneurysm Course 2022

8th Endoscopic Skull Base Dissection course



8th Endoscopic Skull Base Dissection course

7-9 September 2022

ATHENS – Greece

We are delighted to welcome you to the 8th Masterclass – Endoscopic Skull Base Dissection Course. Once more we have the pleasure of having with us an outstanding international faculty to teach, guide and amaze us.

Lectures will cover both the basic principles, anatomy  as well as the latest developments of endoscopic skull base surgery.

More than 10 hours of fresh-frozen cadaveric dissections provide an excellent opportunity for participants to get hands-on experience and update their knowledge of endoscopic skull base anatomy and approaches.

Each participant station will have high quality endoscopes, tools, neuronavigation, high speeds drills and suction systems to simulate operation room settings.

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